TN Classification

General Information
This category permits Canadian and Mexican professionals to come to the United States in order to undertake temporary employment in profession specific positions as outlined in the USMCA.

TN Specifics
TN employment must be in a profession listed in Schedule 2 of the USMCA and the TN employee must possess the credentials required.

TN for Canadian or Mexican Citizens
Petition Document Requirements
This classification does not require a petition for employment if the individual is a Canadian citizen and is outside of the U.S. Canadian citizens who are present outside the United States need not obtain TN-1 consular visas, and may apply directly at a Class A U.S. port of entry. They must provide:

  • A statement from the employer with a full description of the nature of the duties the beneficiary will be performing, the anticipated length of stay, and the arrangements for the payment of wages;

  • Evidence that the beneficiary meets the education and/or alternative credentials for the activity;

  • Evidence that all licensure requirements, where applicable to the activity, have been satisfied; and

  • Evidence of Canadian or Mexican citizenship.

Note: Mexican Citizens require a visa.

Dependents (spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age) of TN professionals are entitled to TD status with the same restrictions as the principal. Dependents may be students in the U.S., but may not be employed under the TD status.